Official emoji® Poo Pin

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Okay, so it may not have been what Tim Berners-Lee had in mind when he invented the World Wide Web, but nowadays, is it even a group WhatsApp chat if you and your mates aren’t littering the conversation with a flurry of Poo emojis? Yep, we’re all a little Poo-obsessed, and it’s all thanks to the icon cute emoji. And he’s a versatile little fella, too – used to express dissatisfaction, as an alternative to bad language, or simply to say that something is, well, a big pile of Poo. But ultimately, he makes us smile. Get your Poo on with this officially-licensed, high quality pin badge. 


  • Officially licensed by Emoji
  • Measures 25mm x 26mm x 1mm
  • Soft Enamel (Made From Zinc Alloy)