Archibald Gryph-Hound Plush - Safety Recall Instructions

If you purchased Archibald Gryph-Hound Plush, and it matches the item shown above, it is subject to recall in the UK, Europe, Japan and Australia. We are working with the appropriate regulators in the US and Canada and will make an announcement regarding these territories in due course.

All Archibald Gryph-Hound Plush with the code “PRODUCTION 0821D BATCH #001” on the sewn in label are affected.

Small golden discs may become detached from the toy and present a choking hazard to young children.

We recommend that you:

  • Stop using the product immediately
  • Keep the product away from children.

You should then:

  • Return the item via post to The Koyo Store for a full refund; or
  • Follow the steps below and request a refund.

Distance Refund for Archibald Gryph-Hound Plush

Please follow the instructions below, provide the requested information, and we’ll make sure you receive a refund for the full retail value of the product.

If you choose to be refunded using a virtual voucher, the refund will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

1. Cut off all product labels. There are two labels on the product – a card label with the barcode and a fabric label sewn onto the plush. Don’t worry if you have already disposed of the card label.

2. Cut off the tail of the black bridal using scissors as per the example below.

3. Place the labels, and product next to a piece of paper with your post code / zip code.

4. Take a photograph clearly showing the labels, product and your post code / zip code.

5. Complete this recall form

For added safety it’s best to make sure Archibald Gryph-Hound Plush is destroyed in such a way that a child won’t pick it up and play with it.